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Posted 2 years ago

Asking For Your Support …

A 270 mile bike ride to #endALS  Boston to New York

July 20, 21 & 22, 2012

Tri-State Trek

This summer - I - along with the Murphy’s Might Team - my son Tom Murphy, Jr. and brother-in-law Tony Scarfo - will attempt to ride as many of the 270 miles from Newton, MA to Greenwich, CT as possible to help the ALS Treat Us Now and ALSTDI organizations to identify and quickly bring safe and effective treatments to ALS patients - there are NO effective treatments that exist today for ALS patients.

Murphy’s Might Fundraising Page

Transitioning from the Paved Roadway …

I truly hope that you can support the efforts of ALS Treat Us Now, ALSTDI and the Murphy’s Might Team as we do our part to make a difference in the acceleration of safe and effective treatments into the ALS Community.

Given the cooperation between ALS Treat Us Now and ALSTDI - the Murphy’s Might Team would like to have any donations split with 50% going to ALS Treat Us Now and 50% to the ALSTDI Tri-State Trek. Here are the links that provide the donation instructions for both organizations:


***ALS Treat Us Now Donations *** (Credit Card or Check)

To pay by credit card click here. 

Check - checks should be written to “PCUT / ALSTUN” and sent to:

PCUT - Attn: ALSTUN - PO Box 4845 - San Jose, CA 95124.

If you send a check … please send us an email at and let us know.

***ALSTDI Tri-State Trek Donations*** (Credit Cardor Check)


Please also take some time to learn about and support the mission and objectives of ALS Treat Us Now at: compassionate-use-drugs-for-als-patients-now

Also take a few minutes to learn about ALSTDI at:

ALSTDI Mission:  Secure funding, develop potential treatments, end ALS